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Pinellas County Auto Repair

Looking for the best Auto Repair in Pinellas County?

Pinellas County Auto Repair

With years of experience and a friendly smile, our staff provides expert Auto Repair in Pinellas County.

Do you want to prevent situations from arising? Do you know what is wrong with your car, have a good guess, or just know something is not right? Let our team of professionals give you an honest opinion and communication so you can make the best decisions for you and your family.

Zeigler is a family-owned and operated, full-service auto repair and transmission and auto repair center providing Auto Repair in or near Pinellas County. We’ve built a reputation by servicing domestic and foreign vehicles using honesty and integrity to provide the right service for your car or transmission needs.  All of our transmission repairs have a nationwide warranty service program, honored at over 8,000 locations.

By the way, we are A+ rated with the BBB.


Call Zeigler if you are in or near Pinellas County for Auto Repair!


Auto repair Pinellas county Florida

Every car owner will once in a while take their car to an auto repair in Pinellas County Florida whether it’s for repairs or general maintenance. If you are a new car owner you may not know much of what to expect from the auto repair shop. We have compiled a list of what to expect so that you’ll be confident as you go in for your next maintenance appointment: If hire a good service, then there will be no problem. Lots of people are looking for options.  We need a service which gives quality results.

  • Expect to meet certified employees for auto repair in Pinellas County Florida – If you’ll be dealing with certified experts, you can be sure to receive quality services and you’ll also be able to trust them with your car.
  • Expect to be briefed on the procedures of the day as well as the costs –Once the employees check your car, they’ll recommend the areas that need fixing and the estimated cost. Try and ask for a written estimate because you may need it if you don’t receive professional services.
  • Expect that they’ll take you through the details of the repair – the employees will gladly explain what the repair or maintenance involves and updates on the progress of the job.

 Auto repair Pinellas county Florida

You now won’t chicken out the next time you walk in to an auto repair in Pinellas County Florida. You want a company which does the job well and you will not have a problem. We are working very hard

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